Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Freight Transport

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Freight Transport

The Department of Land Transport and GIZ (The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit or German Corporation for International Cooperation) jointly organized the seminar, Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Freight Transport, to promote safety awareness in freight transport among transport and logistics companies. The seminar was held at the Grand Ballroom, the Rama Garden Hotel, Bangkok, on March 8, 2018.

Mr. Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, Minister of Transport, presided over the opening of the seminar, with Mrs. Luisa Ragher, Chargé d’Affaires, the European Union (EU) Delegation to Thailand and Mr. Tim Mahler, GIZ country director for Thailand and Malaysia. In addition, Mr. Sanith Phromwong, Director-General, and executives from the Department of Land Transport, freight transport and logistics operators, related government agencies and private sector organisations also participated in the seminar.

Mr. Arkhom added that the Department of Land Transport emphasizes an enforcement of safety standard to minimize risks of road accidents among transport and logistics operators, particularly in freight transport sector. The measures executed includes monitoring and strictly enforcement of the safety regulations and penalty. In parallel, in cooperation with related agencies, education scheme has been provided to raise safety awareness of drivers and operators in logistics industry. The aim to improve safety standard and reduce road accidents are part of the policy to improve competitiveness of logistics industry, in line with the government policy to promote Thailand as the trade and logistics hub in Asean Region. In addition to safety issue, the green logistics has been raised to participated parties’ attention as an important measure to improve efficiency with less fuel consumption.

According to Mr. Sanith Phromwong, Director General, the Department of Land Transport, as part of the continuous and ongoing measures executed by the Department of Land Transport, transport and logistics companies would be required to employ the Transport Safety Manager to handle safety and transport activities. The Transport Safety Manager will be responsible for transportation management and planning, including vehicle inspection and driver monitoring to ensure safety condition of both vehicles and drivers. With the GPS tracking devices, the Transport Safety Manager is expected to collect driving habits of drivers in term of speed as well as a number of driving hours to analyse and prevent recurrence of accidents, including emergency accident management. Criteria and qualification of Transport Safety Manager will be considered and announced by the end of 2018.