Tender Planned for Nakhon Phanom Border Intermodal Transport Terminal

Tender Planned for Nakhon Phanom Border Intermodal Transport Terminal

The Department of Land Transport (DLT) announces the progress of an invitation to tender (ITT) for the Nakhon Phanom Intermodal Transport Terminal on January 19, 2018.

According to Mr. Kamol Buranapong, Deputy Director – General for Technical Affair, the Department of Land Transport (DLT), the project proposal is in the consideration process by the committee of State Enterprise Policy Office and the cabinet submission is planned within the middle of this year. The invitation to tender (ITT) is expected to be officially announced by the end of 2018. *the first by refers to the committee who did the action, * the second by refers to the expected timeline to announce the tender. They work in different word function in the sentence. I only change made here is By in the middle of those 2 words.

The Nakhon Phanom Border Intermodal Transport Terminal is expected to become the regional logistics hub that support the development of the Special Economic Zone in Nakhon Phanom and nearby provinces. The terminal is designed to provide one stop services, facilitate cross border trade activities with neighbour countries via R12 route and establish interconnection between road and rail transports. The project also serves as supporting role in increasing border trade values and investment, including employment opportunities for local people.

The Nakhon Phanom Border Intermodal Transport Terminal will be located in the southern area of Nakhon Phanom province near the third Thai – Lao Friendship Bridge (Nakhon Phanom), the construction area is approximately 969,600 square meters (606 rai). The plan is designed to facilitate key activities related to the terminal operations divided into 5 main areas which are Passenger Terminal, Cargo Terminal, The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and residential area for officials, including Intermodal Transport Terminal. The project budget is approximately 1.2 billion THB.